New Building Technology Increases Homes Energy Effeciency Rating

After rolling out its new Schellter™ Advanced Building Science features last summer, Schell Brothers, a Delaware Home Builder, has received energy efficiency statistics for homes constructed after the plan was initiated. Since the rollout, the company is averaging a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 52 on standard homes, and an even lower 31 when solar and geothermal options are included.

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del., Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

The HERS calculation, conducted by an independent third party company, is used to determine the true energy efficiency of a home. The lower a home’s score, the more energy efficient it is determined to be. A typical new home built to code will average a score of 100, and a Zero Energy Home will average a score of 0. The Schell Brothers results show that, on average, the company’s base-priced homes are approximately 100% more efficient than standard new homes built today. The energy savings is especially significant for new home buyers because there is a direct correlation between the HERS score and the price reflected on a home owner’s power bill.

“A low HERS score says more about a house than just lower bills,” said Mark Fitzgerald, Vice President of Construction at Schell Brothers. “It means the house is more comfortable and healthier than a similar house with a higher HERS score. When a house is well-sealed, has proper air exchange, and better insulation, you can expect not only a more energy efficient home, but healthier, filtered air to breathe and a quieter, more enjoyable day-to-day living experience.”

A total of 64 homes have been tested since Schell Brothers introduced the Schellter™ technology, with one home scoring as low as 18. This home included a solar electric system installed by Clean Energy USA, saving the owners about $1,400 per year on their power bills and providing them with approximately $2,500 of additional cash in their pocket from Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). “We love working with Schell Brothers and watching their houses get better and better. We know that when we install solar on a Schell Brothers home, we’ll have extremely happy customers, not just because people enjoy working with our teams, but because they’ll have lower bills and more comfortable homes,” said John Sertich of Clean Energy USA. “We take an already fantastic product and make it even better when we add solar to it.”

Fitzgerald explained that the outstanding HERS results are a testament to the commitment his construction team and subcontractors have made to taking quality to a new level. “The fact that the home is that much more energy efficient can really help in making sure our customers are happy, healthy and comfortable after they move in, and that’s what’s most important to us,” Fitzgerald said. Schell Brothers is continuing to improve the current HERS score, and the company expects the key rating to move even lower as construction continues.

Schell Brothers is located at 55 Cascade Lane, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Chris and Preston Schell have set the standard for home building excellence, high performance features, and responsible land use in Coastal Delaware. Sussex County is a natural draw for new home buyers due to the beach environment and its ranking among the most favorable of all U.S. counties in terms of property taxes as a percentage of home value. For more information about Schell Brothers, please visit or call 302-226-1994.

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